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Posted 1/4/2020

I'm busy working on organization and content for my website. Thanks for your patience!

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What You Ask For... You Just Might Get.

Posted 8/19/2019

Oh No... you can't always control the results... but you can be clear about your intentions.

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What You Say And What You Do Matters!

Posted 8/19/2019

ejaudition2ejaudition2Live the reality you wish to see…

  • deeds not words…
  • actions that match your words…
  • values that shape your words…

what you do and what you say matters!

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Posted 8/19/2019

handshandsMaking mistakes… anyone that you know of that appears to you to have a wealth of personal experience you can bet has made a lot of mistakes… a big part of learning is through our mistakes.

What we learn is then integrated into our personal experiences. So never fear making mistakes while learning. Pay attention to the learning from each mistake.

You don't however want to continually make the same mistake over and over. This is when we are not paying attention, we are not progressing, and we are not learning.

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What Makes You Cry On The Job?

Posted 8/19/2019
So I’m in a grocery store and doing what I always do… seek out the shortest and fastest moving line. I found it… the clerk is finishing up with a customer and I can slip right in… or so I thought.
The clerk reached into the line behind her and grabbed the cart of another customer and took it to her line. Now that was confusing and unusual. I stood there waiting for the  clerk to acknowledge me and say something. But, she was interrupted by her previous customer about something (not sure what ).
Anyway, another clerk took the cart she had pulled over and took them to another line. Still no eye contact with me or acknowledgment that I was even there.
So, when the clerk comes back to her register and sees the buggy gone, she reaches back a second time and pulled another customer’s cart over to her register.  I’m still standing there mind you.
I walk in front of her counter so that she would look at me and I asked her… “could you please tell me why you did that? ” She mumbled half-heartedly that those customers had been waiting in line for some time. The customer said to me… “well, you can go on…” 
However the clerk was not having that… she continued to start checking them out.
Now people are looking at us! She turned red and started to bawl… hands covering her eyes… the works!
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