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Compassionate Listening

Posted 8/19/2019

When interacting do you feel that you must agree or disagree with another’s reality?

If you believe that is true for you, I encourage you to revisit that notion. Another person’s truth is as “real” for them as yours is for you.

Reflect on this the next time someone tells you that you don’t understand how they feel.

Listen to each other with compassion.

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On Power...

Posted 8/19/2019

Power is a sword with many edges. The same power that can save a life can take a life. In your quest for power lead with your intention and that for every action there is a reaction.

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A Moment In Time - Tulum

Posted 8/19/2019 never know where you will end up and how you will reflect upon that experience later in life.

My advice is to live life one moment at a time. I like to think of a moment as a breathing cycle or in other words, one inhale and one exhale.

Above, is a picture of me and my friend Richard Bradley, Jr. in Tulum, Mexico. I met Richard in the early ’80’s at my dance studio, Experience Dance Theatre, in Cincinnati, Ohio. That breath-moment led to a life-long friendship.

Memories of Tulum bring me joy every time I honor that experience. Thanks Richard for inviting me to share precious moments of our lives together.

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Numbers Do Count

Posted 8/19/2019

What am I thinking about today?

Let’s start with January. This is the first month of the year and many of you will be thinking “how will this year be different”. This is a 7 year (2+0+1+4=7) and January is a 1 month.

I am not a numerologist however, I have been studying Numerology for years… and I do use it in my daily practices. While living in Chicago, one of my personal favorite Numerologist was Michael J. Kurban. So I picked up his book and decided to look him up online. I found so much information about him and so many new books that he has written.

Thoughts of some of his amazing readings constantly hover over me and reminds me to reflect on how important numbers are in our lives. In his book Numerology (Soul) Proven Science, he connects numbers to everything about you universally.

As a result of reflecting on these numbers, I will use one of the keywords for January, Leadership that leads me to my action for the month. I will choose one aspect of Leadership to reflect upon and refine and will build upon it throughout the year.

Do you have a favorite Numerologist? Share your experiences with Numerology and join in the conversation.

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Just Imagine...

Posted 8/19/2019

…what it would be like if before we make excuses and judgements about people and incidents… that before we talk and act… that we think… this is me, my father, my mother, my sister, my brother, my family, my home, my life, my situation.

Intentions that come from a place of love and compassion gets results that are filled with cooperation, collaboration and diversity. Healthy debate is a gift that leads to dynamic change.

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