Its about “freeing your (my) spirit“.

Since I can remember, I have played with many ways of self-expression. Some of my “passions” over the years included a love for hopscotch, jack rocks, marbles, roller skating, softball, Tarzan vines, walking the slick rock, and I could go on and on. Through the years, I began to enjoy public speaking, debating, acting, dancing, directing, choreographing, writing, video production… and on and on. On these pages I will be sharing a few of my “passion” projects.


Oil Painting and Watercolor – I actually took drawing and painting classes when I was teaching at Hiram College in Ohio. My sister-in-law, Ellen Miller (an accomplished Artist) helped me with with drawing portraits and faces.


Here are a few pics from films that I have done. Most were student films that I thoroughly enjoyed doing.

Sticks and Stones is a short film directed by Konstantine Brazhnik. My only IMDb title.

Prism was made by Alexandra Miller, Debra Cohen, and Dan Quinn won the 2010 Virginia Film Festival Audience Favorite Award for Best Short Narrative.

Sunny Side Down, a cute and fun film was directed by Dan Quinn and a team in the Charlottesville Film Festival. Check it out on YouTube!

The short film The Encounter had a name change to The Visitor…
was screened at PVCC and was great! Thanks Serge for the opportunity.


Here I will be sharing some of my poetry from my book, Ilking Like a Storm. Self-published.


Live Free: Essentials for Joyful Living

I will be sharing content from my book, Live Free: Essential for Joyful Living. Published as an e-book on Amazon.