Its about “freeing your (my) spirit“.

EJM (EdnaJakkiMiller) Productions is my home for all things production. I wanted a place to produce and showcase my work.

Started as a “movie maker” in high school when I purchased my first Bell & Howell projector and Sylvania camera. My free footage was YogiBear. And yes, I did splice together movie film back in the day with tape.

Since Elementary School and all through Junior High and High School, I’ve been Acting. I loved doing mostly stage work and when I had the opportunity to take my first classes in Directing and Producing for Film and TV at Bowling Green State University in Graduate School, I jumped at it. My first movie was Beautiful Black Men.

As far back as I can remember, I have played with many ways of self-expression. Some of my “passions” over the years included a love for hopscotch, jack rocks, marbles, roller skating, softball, Tarzan vines, walking the slick rock, and I could go on and on. Through the years, I began to enjoy public speaking, debating, acting, dancing, directing, choreographing, writing, video production… and on and on. I always wanted to be a disk jockey or a TV Talk Show Host. On these pages I will be sharing a few of my “passion” projects.