Experience Dance Theatre

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Flowing… Moving… Dancing… Sharing the Voice!

Flow is one, movements are many. Movement is one, dance is many. Dance is one, voices are many.”

Edna-Jakki Miller

Experience Dance Theatre is a non-profit dance theater company. We share our stories using movement, dance, improvisation and drama… what you get to see is the true feelings and emotions behind life’s true experiences.

Founded in 1973 by Edna-Jakki Miller, winner of the 2006 Piedmont Council of the Arts Individual Artist of the Year Award, the mission of EDT is to create, perform, and teach dance/theater that reflects the historical experiences and contemporary lives of people and to promote knowledge and appreciation of African-derived dance/theater forms.

Our goal is to make movement a part of our lives and to make a place for our stories to be told & heard -like sitting on our porch on a nice day.

We move for the sheer joy of it with a mix of modern, jazz, hip hop and liturgical dance to entertain while promoting interracial cooperation and cross-cultural understanding.

The company also seeks to provide a voice to folks who ordinarily would not have the opportunity to perform because of age, race, body type, or other similar barriers and make dance accessible to everyone by performing in a variety of settings including schools, parks, and organizational events.